About Katrina & Claire

At some point in our lives, almost all of us can feel overwhelmed with the difficulties that life can throw at us. At times like this we often find it difficult to discuss our thoughts and feeling with close friends and family members. Katrina and Claire are both experienced CBT Therapists, who also work using EMDR and Compassion focussed Therapy (CFT).

In addition to this, both Katrina and Claire are Registered Mental Health Nurses with years of experience of working with a variety of mental health difficulties within both the NHS, private sector and eating disorder services. This has enabled them to gain an excellent insight into a vast range of mental health difficulties ranging from mild to more complex difficulties.

During treatment sessions they will use these skills to help you understand and make sense of the difficulties you are currently experiencing and work with you to help you move forward. Whether you are seeking support to help you through a recent crisis or longer-term difficulties they can offer you one to one confidential support in a comfortable private environment.

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