What to expect

How will treatment proceed?

If you feel you may be interested in attending for treatment we would ask that you email us through the contact tab on this site or at your own convenience at talkingtherapies4u@gmail.com with brief details about your difficulties and leave contact details including which area you would like to attend for your sessions. One of our therapists will then make contact with you to arrange a free confidential telephone consultation.

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have relating to therapy and help you make the decision if you feel CBT /EMDR is the treatment for you.

What can I expect from my sessions?

Initial Assessment (first session)

This will be for approximately 90 minutes. During this session we will gather an understanding of your difficulties and how they impact you in the ‘here and now’ we will also briefly explore the development of you problems. We will then decide on a treatment plan. This will involve creating some goals for treatment and the expected number of sessions we feel you will need to work through your difficulties.

Ongoing sessions

CBT sessions last 60 minutes usually on a weekly basis, however there may be occasions where they may go slightly over or under this time length. The number of expected sessions can vary from client to client depending on the severity of their individual difficulties. This is something you would discuss with your therapist at the start of treatment.

CBT is a very collaborative treatment where the therapist and client work together to gain an understanding of the clients difficulties. Clients are encouraged to take an active part in therapy. This usually includes weekly tasks between sessions.

Privacy & Confidentiality Statement

The therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is based on respect, trust and the strictest confidentiality.

Everything that is discussed during your sessions will always be held in the strictest confidence. The only time that our therapists would ever contemplate involving a third party would be if there was reason for us to believe that your safety was at risk or that there you were a risk to others.

During treatment our therapists will be open and honest about the work that you plan to do together and to explain the processes and respective timeframes involved. We will always let you know if we think our service is not appropriate for you at this time and discuss alternative options if we believe there is another service or treatment better suited to helping you.


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